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Selling Your Car - AA
This is vital if you want a quick sale. Check the prices of similar cars in popular classified ad magazines or online. You can't sell a car with outstanding finance.

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sell your car with finance outstanding

Experian - AutoCheck : Beware of vehicles with outstanding finance
Check a used car's history online and protect yourself against financial losses: . If you buy a vehicle with outstanding finance (i.e. with money still owing), the finance . Car supermarkets sell huge numbers of cars - they're like a dealer but.

Sell my car – pay finance on my car after a sale
BCA is the largest car auction group in Europe and perfectly positioned to help you achieve a quick sell if you need to pay outstanding finance on a car.

When a person who has an outstanding car loan dies is the family ...
When a person who has an outstanding car loan dies is the family responsible for . will take over the house and sell it at auction or the beneficiaries may elect to sell the house. . How do you give a vehicle back to citizens auto finance?

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Sell a Car with a Loan - How to Get Rid of Financed Autos
Is it possible to sell a car with a loan outstanding? Yes, but it's tricky. . out of control. If you're upside-down on your trade in, it's risky to finance another car.

Legal Issues Explained - Car Repossession
Alternatively you may want to sell your vehicle on finance, if so we will explain . to buy the car of me even though there is outstanding finance on the vehicle.