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Mortgage Banking - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
This function takes place in the primary mortgage market where mortgage . This market contrasts with the secondary mortgage market. . (For definition of .


meaning mortgage market

Secondary Mortgage Market - Definition of the Secondary Mortgage ...
Definition: The secondary mortgage market allows banks to sell mortgages, giving them new funds to offer more mortgages to new borrowers. If banks had to .

Mortgage Market Definition from Financial Times Lexicon
A market for loans to people and organizations buying property a market for mortgages that have been bought by financial institutions and are then traded as .

Secondary Mortgage Market Definition | Investopedia
The market where mortgage loans and servicing rights are bought and sold between mortgage . The secondary mortgage market is extremely large and liquid.

Definition: Mortgage Market and Mortgages
Definition of mortgage market and mortgages as used in Federal Reserve flow of funds accounts.

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What is secondary mortgage market? definition and meaning
Definition of secondary mortgage market: The segment of the mortgage market where mortgages are resold, not where mortgages are originated. Mortgages in .

What is purchase mortgage market? definition and meaning
Definition of purchase mortgage market: The market in which home purchases are financed. The purchase mortgage market is one aspect of the primary .