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Marijuana Smokers | Term Life Insurance
Many life insurance carriers consider marijuana to be a gateway drug that leads to harder drug use. Those carriers do not offer term life insurance for marijuana .

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does life insurance test weed

Drug Test for Term Life Insurance - Marijuana Smokers Life Insurance
Employers usually require applicants to do a drug and alcohol test before being hired. The same goes for when you are applying for health or life insurance.

Life insurance urine AND blood -- urine for drugs only ...
May 9, 2012 . I have a paramedical exam for life/disability... . Weed - Daily Deals . Some insurance companies will deny you for positive THC test, but some .

When the smoke clears, will your life insurance quotes be high ...
Feb 23, 2012 . Do you dare tell a life insurance agent that you smoke pot? . The life insurance medical exam can show you lied, and even if you pass the lab .

Can a marijuana user get life insurance? | US Insurance Net ...
May 8, 2011 . Testing positive for marijuana does not void your eligibility for life insurance, but it may result in higher premiums or special clauses that .

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Pot Smokers and Life Insurance
Mar 23, 2012 . how far back does a urine test for marijuana for life insurance policies does aig . does penn muutal life insurance test for marijuana list of life .

Does life insurance test for marijuana
No. When you get your blood taken for the policy, they generally do not test for marijuana. You can also get a simplified issue policy that does no blood test.