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Pontiac Grand Am Starting/Stalling Problems - Car Forums - Edmunds
Okay I have a pontiac and the car won't start. . Weird, because my radio, blinkers , headlights, and gauges all still work, its just like the fuel .

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car wont start radio still works

My car wont start but its not the battery, the lights and the radio st ...
My car is a '95 Ford Taurus. The humming sounds like a antenna is retracting and it's coming from the rear of the car.

Why would car lights work but the engine won't start
If it turns over but still wont start then you need to check for spark. Put a spark plug from any . Why would the radio work but car won't start? You have enough .

car has been sitting for 6 months, lights and radio still work, but it ...
Depends. If by "won't start" you mean it goes whrr, whrr, whrr, but goes not start, then it's most likely a fuel problem, like the fuel pump is stuck. If you instead mean .

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2001 BMW E46 will not start (crank?) - YouTube
Apr 24, 2012 . My car will not start anymore. All lights work and radio works. But when I turn the key it makes 3 clicks but won't start or crank over. All the warning . Battery still had enough juice to? run the electrics but not the engine starter.

car wont start lights work ,radio and already change out battery ...
Oct 5, 2010 . car won't start lights work ,radio and already change out battery still nothing the car trys to turn over but it doesn't it just making that cranking .